Haiku: Leaving

In the train

train’s steady flow
vanishing landscapes, leaving
moving to white fields

Haiku: White Lips

wintry trail, white lips
hazy kiss of vibrant dream
speechless reaching out


Haiku: Blink

winter breeze on skin
chill touch, gently tracing brows
a dream in a blink

Haiku: A Moment’s Kiss

gentle touch, snow flake
a moment‘s tenderest kiss
falling on quicksand

Haiku: White Wall

restless wandering
dense snow wall clouding the night
silent demons, white



Haïku: Blanc sur blanc

des traces s‘effacent
blanc sur blanc, des mots perdus
sous la neige tombante


Haiku: Forlorn Tune

snow white memory
lost melody, forlorn tune
moonless cave, mute void


Haiku: Mute Melodies

your music silenced
mute my moony melodies
frozen winter tunes

Haiku: White Plain

starry night, white plain
winter trail, dark traces
walking through void dreams


Haiku: Motionless

white flakes, motionless
blue erring realities
nightly melodies


Haiku: Morning Smiles

winter light, cold sun
awakening, sparkling dazzles
warmest morning smiles


Haiku: Frozen Nights

winter nights, dense fog
stillness, frozen endearments
deep slumber, dreamless


Haiku: Blue Mists

blue winter mists, chill
your warmness concealed in dreams
cold words, silent heart


Haiku: Chill Dream

chill slumber, sensing
blanket gently put on me
dreaming, just dreaming


Haiku: Falling

flurry flakes, falling
you behind a wall of words
sun hidden by clouds