Haiku: Sunny Eyes

sunny eyes, sad soul
only love seizes the truth
in a moment’s gaze

Tanka: Balmy Breeze

singing birds, sunshine
vibrant beams of intense warmth
fond smiles, tender thoughts

balmy breeze on lips, sensing
your gentle kiss, faraway


Haiku: Setting Sun

setting sun, moon rise
walk into a wakeful night
silenced daydreams



Haiku: Morning Smiles

winter light, cold sun
awakening, sparkling dazzles
warmest morning smiles


Haiku: Falling

flurry flakes, falling
you behind a wall of words
sun hidden by clouds

Haiku: Dazzling Sun

dazzling morning sun
serene snow fields, refreshing
crisp breeze, intense, blank


Haiku: Eastward

sundown, blurred vision
turning eastward, rising sun
a drop of hope emerges


Haiku: Shivering

concealed shivering
sunny winter day, ice-cold
lost embrace, forlorn love


Haiku: Blurring

winter sun on face
red retina images
your blurring away


Haiku: Sun Silence

schweigend sonne
dunkelheit über welt
wolken, winterschwer

[an english version:]

silence of sun
darkness overlays world
clouds, winterfull