Haiku: Easter Monday

Easter Eggs

light snow falling
Fools’ day – meaningful Easter
a new begin

Haiku: False Dreams

false cricket chirping
touching skins, blurred memories
forsaken bodies

Haiku: Night’s Clarity

distant tune creeping
into flesh, night’s clarity
throbbing heartbeat hurts


Haiku: Tunes of Desire

blue skies, airy clouds
magical bird melodies
tunes of desire


Tanka: Balmy Breeze

singing birds, sunshine
vibrant beams of intense warmth
fond smiles, tender thoughts

balmy breeze on lips, sensing
your gentle kiss, faraway


Haiku: Blue Blooming

blue blooming, stormy
spring stroll, breeze of reverie
reverberant tune


Haiku: Clearing

spring air, clearing fog
restless strolling through blue night
sharp vision, soft dream


Haiku: Scent of Spring

scent of spring, birds’ song
gentle caress, warm embrace
remote reveries


Haiku: Thawing

delicate green buds
melting snow, thawing thoughts
tenderness, day dream


Haiku: Tiptoeing

spring blossoms, warm smiles
fingers tiptoeing on skin
sweet dream whisperings

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