Haiku: Easter Monday

Easter Eggs

light snow falling
Fools’ day – meaningful Easter
a new begin

Tanka: Mute Utterance

thawing snow, moist eyes
stormy new moon, starry night
sensing your heart beat

remote caress, motionless
endearing utterance, mute

Tanka is a form of Japanese poetry, similar to Haiku, but older and consisting of 5-7-5-7-7 Syllables.

submitted to Poetry Potluck, thanks Jingle for hosting 🙂

Haiku: Thawing

delicate green buds
melting snow, thawing thoughts
tenderness, day dream


Haiku: A Moment’s Kiss

gentle touch, snow flake
a moment‘s tenderest kiss
falling on quicksand

Haiku: Astray

snow footprints astray
gentle fingers tracing vein
cold pulsing, forlorn


Haiku: White Wall

restless wandering
dense snow wall clouding the night
silent demons, white



Haïku: Blanc sur blanc

des traces s‘effacent
blanc sur blanc, des mots perdus
sous la neige tombante


Haiku: Forlorn Tune

snow white memory
lost melody, forlorn tune
moonless cave, mute void


Haiku: White Letters

misty snow landscape
immaculate blank sheet
reveals white letters


Haiku: Moon Light

dancing through snow flakes
hazy moon light, tender kiss
a dream‘s melody


Haiku: Falling

flurry flakes, falling
you behind a wall of words
sun hidden by clouds

Haiku: Dazzling Sun

dazzling morning sun
serene snow fields, refreshing
crisp breeze, intense, blank


Haiku: White Gloom

snow falling, white gloom
sensing your remote breathing
stillness of the heart