Haiku: Setting Sun

setting sun, moon rise
walk into a wakeful night
silenced daydreams



Haiku: White Lips

wintry trail, white lips
hazy kiss of vibrant dream
speechless reaching out


Haiku: White Wall

restless wandering
dense snow wall clouding the night
silent demons, white



Haiku: Forlorn Tune

snow white memory
lost melody, forlorn tune
moonless cave, mute void


Haiku: Mute Melodies

your music silenced
mute my moony melodies
frozen winter tunes

Haiku: Faint Echo

whispers in silence
stillness, faint remote response
may be own echo

Haiku: Frozen Nights

winter nights, dense fog
stillness, frozen endearments
deep slumber, dreamless


Haiku: Blue Mists

blue winter mists, chill
your warmness concealed in dreams
cold words, silent heart


Haiku: Dazzling Sun

dazzling morning sun
serene snow fields, refreshing
crisp breeze, intense, blank


Haiku: White Gloom

snow falling, white gloom
sensing your remote breathing
stillness of the heart


Haiku: Shivering

concealed shivering
sunny winter day, ice-cold
lost embrace, forlorn love


Haiku: Haziness

softest kiss on skin
hazy touch of an embrace
still remote longing

Haiku: Hidden Words

no sleep, hidden words
silent nights, longing music
lost in remoteness



Haiku: Black Nights

mirror of black nights
silent winter stars glare
through blind windows


spiegel schwarzer nacht
winter sterne still starrend
durch blinde fenster

Silent Letters

wandering thoughts
abundant words
written to you
still unspoken
unsaid unsent
silenced in stillness
whispering in vain