so far, so near

Haiku: Night’s Clarity

distant tune creeping
into flesh, night’s clarity
throbbing heartbeat hurts


Tanka: Balmy Breeze

singing birds, sunshine
vibrant beams of intense warmth
fond smiles, tender thoughts

balmy breeze on lips, sensing
your gentle kiss, faraway


Tanka: Mute Utterance

thawing snow, moist eyes
stormy new moon, starry night
sensing your heart beat

remote caress, motionless
endearing utterance, mute

Tanka is a form of Japanese poetry, similar to Haiku, but older and consisting of 5-7-5-7-7 Syllables.

submitted to Poetry Potluck, thanks Jingle for hosting 🙂

Haiku: Scent of Spring

scent of spring, birds’ song
gentle caress, warm embrace
remote reveries


Haiku: Your Smiles

your smiles showing up
like fond kisses on my eyes
through overcast skies

Haiku: Blue View

icy breeze on lips
overcast view, winter blue
remote kiss burning


Haiku: White Gloom

snow falling, white gloom
sensing your remote breathing
stillness of the heart


Haiku: Arctic Breeze

blue moon light, sad sounds
remote whisper, arctic breeze
forlorn in blank ice


Haiku: Haziness

softest kiss on skin
hazy touch of an embrace
still remote longing

Haiku: Blurring

winter sun on face
red retina images
your blurring away


Haiku: Hidden Words

no sleep, hidden words
silent nights, longing music
lost in remoteness



Silent Letters

wandering thoughts
abundant words
written to you
still unspoken
unsaid unsent
silenced in stillness
whispering in vain

The Silence

We need the silence
to hear our voices again

Into the stillness vibes of your
strong arms around my body
tender fingers on my skin
a smooth breeze on my lips

Sensing a remote you
in our entangled thoughts


[Übertragung ins Deutsche:]

Wir brauchen die Stille
um unsere Stimmen
wieder zu vernehmen

In die Regungslosigkeit hinein
fühle ich Schwingungen deiner
mich umschlingenden Arme
zärtliche Hände über meiner Haut
einen sanften Hauch auf den Lippen

Erspüre ein fernes Du
in Gedankenverschränkung