Empty Dreams

sleepily thinking of you
reaching out my hand towards
the empty place by my side
knowing your thoughts
are not longer with me


so far, so near

Tanka: Night Walk

dreaming – night walk through
landscapes of otherness
your hand in mine
come, listen to heartbeats
feel my tune, see my thoughts

Tanka is a form of Japanese poetry, similar to Haiku, but older and consisting of max. 5-7-5-7-7 Syllables.

Haiku: After Sunset

starry summer night
don’t you hear my song anymore
sad melancholy

Haiku: Night’s Clarity

distant tune creeping
into flesh, night’s clarity
throbbing heartbeat hurts


Haiku: Clearing

spring air, clearing fog
restless strolling through blue night
sharp vision, soft dream


Haiku: Setting Sun

setting sun, moon rise
walk into a wakeful night
silenced daydreams



Tanka: Mute Utterance

thawing snow, moist eyes
stormy new moon, starry night
sensing your heart beat

remote caress, motionless
endearing utterance, mute

Tanka is a form of Japanese poetry, similar to Haiku, but older and consisting of 5-7-5-7-7 Syllables.

submitted to Poetry Potluck, thanks Jingle for hosting 🙂

Haiku: Black Night

new moon, black night chill
deep touching, close encounter
switching off the love


Haiku: Good Night

moon light, good night kiss
gentle embrace, tender joy
bittersweetest dream


Haiku: Moon Light

dancing through snow flakes
hazy moon light, tender kiss
a dream‘s melody


Haiku: Let’s Dream!

c‘mon, let‘s steal words
dance to starlight melodies
dream in black and white


Haiku: White Plain

starry night, white plain
winter trail, dark traces
walking through void dreams


Haiku: Crisp Dawn

blue chill, need to breathe
in a heartbeat dreams come true
crisp pink dawn, fresh tune

Haiku: Motionless

white flakes, motionless
blue erring realities
nightly melodies