so far, so near

Haiku: Night Walk

blurred moonset, night walk
fugacity of a dream
longing forlornly


Haiku: Setting Sun

setting sun, moon rise
walk into a wakeful night
silenced daydreams



Tanka: Mute Utterance

thawing snow, moist eyes
stormy new moon, starry night
sensing your heart beat

remote caress, motionless
endearing utterance, mute

Tanka is a form of Japanese poetry, similar to Haiku, but older and consisting of 5-7-5-7-7 Syllables.

submitted to Poetry Potluck, thanks Jingle for hosting 🙂

Haiku: Black Night

new moon, black night chill
deep touching, close encounter
switching off the love


Haiku: Good Night

moon light, good night kiss
gentle embrace, tender joy
bittersweetest dream


Haiku: Blue Vision

blurred moon, blue vision
sweetest dream in outer space
your thoughts touching mine


Haiku: Forlorn Tune

snow white memory
lost melody, forlorn tune
moonless cave, mute void


Haiku: Moon Light

dancing through snow flakes
hazy moon light, tender kiss
a dream‘s melody


Haiku: Arctic Breeze

blue moon light, sad sounds
remote whisper, arctic breeze
forlorn in blank ice


Haiku: Searching

red burning tree tops
searching eyes in cold sun
blue winter, blank moon