Haiku: Tunes of Desire

blue skies, airy clouds
magical bird melodies
tunes of desire


Haiku: Night Walk

blurred moonset, night walk
fugacity of a dream
longing forlornly


Haiku: Clearing

spring air, clearing fog
restless strolling through blue night
sharp vision, soft dream


Haiku: Setting Sun

setting sun, moon rise
walk into a wakeful night
silenced daydreams



Haiku: Good Night

moon light, good night kiss
gentle embrace, tender joy
bittersweetest dream


Haiku: Your Smiles

your smiles showing up
like fond kisses on my eyes
through overcast skies

Haiku: Murmuring

sea waves murmuring
deep melodies of desire
rough tides, frozen times


Haiku: Tides

dim skies, vague yearning
rising tides, falling waters
time passing in waves

Haiku: Blue View

icy breeze on lips
overcast view, winter blue
remote kiss burning


Haiku: Faint Echo

whispers in silence
stillness, faint remote response
may be own echo

Haiku: Motionless

white flakes, motionless
blue erring realities
nightly melodies


Haiku: White Gloom

snow falling, white gloom
sensing your remote breathing
stillness of the heart


Haiku: Arctic Breeze

blue moon light, sad sounds
remote whisper, arctic breeze
forlorn in blank ice


Haiku: Freezing

you can not hold me
likely don‘t even want to
freezing, just freezing


Haiku: Haziness

softest kiss on skin
hazy touch of an embrace
still remote longing