Buchpräsentation “Am Teppich” – Kunstraum Arcade

Am Teppich

Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014, 19 Uhr
Buchpräsentation im Kunstraum Arcade; Mödling
Es lesen:

Dagmar Travner (Kurzgeschichte In Flammen)
Brigitte Sasshofer, Stephan Denkendorf und Helga Cmelka

aus der Anthologie Bleib am Teppich, art&print, Mödling, im Mai 2014

Der Sammelband erschien anlässlich der gleichnamigen Ausstellung
zum 40-jährigen Jubiläum des Kunstraum Arcade
(Beethovenhaus, Hauptstraße 79, Mödling; siehe Karte)

Musikalische Begleitung: Tanja Süss und Lisa Fuchs (beide am Cello)

Silent Letters

wandering thoughts
abundant words
written to you
still unspoken
unsaid unsent
silenced in stillness
whispering in vain

Haiku: Sun Silence

schweigend sonne
dunkelheit über welt
wolken, winterschwer

[an english version:]

silence of sun
darkness overlays world
clouds, winterfull

NaMoWriMo: 30 days and nights of literary abandon!

THE NEW ADDICTION: National Novel Writing Month
November 1st-30th – 30 days and nights

Writing in 30 days 50.000 words – an international challenge taking place every year in november. I got to know about it only on October 31st, so just in time to sign up and to start the next day. My first thought was: What an incredible craziness! My second: Why not?

I did so without any concept in mind what I would write. Impatiently I waited in the evening for the next day to come and exactly at midnight I started to write without knowing where this would leed me. After 20 minutes I had written my first 209 words and went to sleep. Strange dreams accompanied my night and excitement my wakening. So right in the morning I continued to let the story surprise me. On the first day I wrote more than 2000 words. Still I have no clue which sort of novel I’m writing and what story will come out. Waiting couriousily for new developments.

Visit me on NaMoWriMo: www.nanowrimo.org

username: dtravner

1st day: 2184 words so far