gentle zephyr
fugacious kiss
touching lips

entangled hands
playful caresses
deep ardour

your embrace
surrounding me

Haiku: After Sunset

starry summer night
don’t you hear my song anymore
sad melancholy

Haiku: Sunny Eyes

sunny eyes, sad soul
only love seizes the truth
in a moment’s gaze

Haiku: Lush Roses

lush roses blooming
an intense scent of love
sweet sweat in the air

Haiku: Dark Heart

dark curtains, hot lips
wandering hands, bodies touch
soul fusion, heart break

Haiku: False Dreams

false cricket chirping
touching skins, blurred memories
forsaken bodies

Haiku: Breeze of Sorrows

burning summer breeze
cats lazily chewing birds
merciless sorrows

Haiku: Night’s Clarity

distant tune creeping
into flesh, night’s clarity
throbbing heartbeat hurts


Haiku: Tunes of Desire

blue skies, airy clouds
magical bird melodies
tunes of desire


Haiku: Blue Blooming

blue blooming, stormy
spring stroll, breeze of reverie
reverberant tune


Haiku: Night Walk

blurred moonset, night walk
fugacity of a dream
longing forlornly


Haiku: Clearing

spring air, clearing fog
restless strolling through blue night
sharp vision, soft dream


Haiku: Setting Sun

setting sun, moon rise
walk into a wakeful night
silenced daydreams



Haiku: Mask

mask, ecstatic eyes
carnivore craving, nude bliss
gate to other world

submitted to Poetry Potluck, thanks Jingle for hosting 🙂

Haiku: Frozen Soil

sundown on black hills
naked plants, dry frozen soil
stroll through vineyards, chills

submitted to Poetry Potluck, thanks Jingle for hosting 🙂