Haiku: Blink

winter breeze on skin
chill touch, gently tracing brows
a dream in a blink

Haiku: Blue Vision

blurred moon, blue vision
sweetest dream in outer space
your thoughts touching mine


Haïku: Suis-moi !

viens donc, suis-moi
rêvant dans les nuages doux
en étreinte tendre


Flickering Dream

Flickering shadows cast by candle light
Dreams silhouetted on a cave wall
Tracing tender embrace, gentlest kiss

Haiku: Your Smiles

your smiles showing up
like fond kisses on my eyes
through overcast skies

Haiku: Moon Light

dancing through snow flakes
hazy moon light, tender kiss
a dream‘s melody


Haiku: Let’s Dream!

c‘mon, let‘s steal words
dance to starlight melodies
dream in black and white


Haiku: White Plain

starry night, white plain
winter trail, dark traces
walking through void dreams


Haiku: Crisp Dawn

blue chill, need to breathe
in a heartbeat dreams come true
crisp pink dawn, fresh tune

Haiku: A Fairy-Tale

„Once more I come, and
then the end must be“, dreaming
fairy-tale letters


Haiku: Blue Mists

blue winter mists, chill
your warmness concealed in dreams
cold words, silent heart


Haiku: Chill Dream

chill slumber, sensing
blanket gently put on me
dreaming, just dreaming