3rd day of novel writing – between stand still and progress

Rhizome Cover

Today was a strange writing experience day – and even stranger I do feel at the moment, like an ugly bird in a cage which is forced to sing, or so… And I’m feeling very very ugly and even more “unsocial”, believe me 😐

Although I had written my first 500 words right in the morning – I use to put my daily goal into packages of 3×500 words – I had the feeling I would get further. sort of a stand still, I was convinced I would fail my goal when in the late afternoon I still hadn’t moved forward (so was my impression). So I got completely surprised and overwhelmed by the fact that I had accomplished all of a sudden over 5000 word by 7 p.m.

This 3rd day brought me a more detailed story-line, some victims, motives and the murderer 😉 I got to knew quite well what the story would be about, so there is a clearer plot in my head I can develop now.

„Rhizome, Stalking Root“ is the working title for my crime novel and serves as special inspiration and motive.

A rhizome is sending out roots and shoots from its nodes; it is sorts of something rootless having several equal points of residency but no main home point; furthermore a rhizome spreads along without limits, it may turn out to be a poisonous evil which leads to even more disastrous effects on its way… and nearly impossible to get away with it as there will always be some rest spreading along.

BTW, the novel is to be written in german language.
writing3rd day: goal reached at 7 pm
5233 words so far

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