Haiku: Astray

snow footprints astray
gentle fingers tracing vein
cold pulsing, forlorn


Haiku: Blue View

icy breeze on lips
overcast view, winter blue
remote kiss burning


Haiku: Crisp Dawn

blue chill, need to breathe
in a heartbeat dreams come true
crisp pink dawn, fresh tune

Haiku: Morning Smiles

winter light, cold sun
awakening, sparkling dazzles
warmest morning smiles


Haiku: Frozen Nights

winter nights, dense fog
stillness, frozen endearments
deep slumber, dreamless


Haiku: Blue Mists

blue winter mists, chill
your warmness concealed in dreams
cold words, silent heart


Haiku: Chill Dream

chill slumber, sensing
blanket gently put on me
dreaming, just dreaming


Haiku: Falling

flurry flakes, falling
you behind a wall of words
sun hidden by clouds

Haiku: Dazzling Sun

dazzling morning sun
serene snow fields, refreshing
crisp breeze, intense, blank


Haiku: Shivering

concealed shivering
sunny winter day, ice-cold
lost embrace, forlorn love


Haiku: Arctic Breeze

blue moon light, sad sounds
remote whisper, arctic breeze
forlorn in blank ice


Haiku: Freezing

you can not hold me
likely don‘t even want to
freezing, just freezing


Haiku: Sunrise

curling up freezing
winter haze upon thoughts
waiting for sunrise


Haiku: Blind Gaze

cold window, blind gaze
icy flowers, misty kiss
winter breeze on lips

[a german version:] Blindblick

kalter nebelhauch
winter über lippen streicht
eisblumen, blindblick

Haiku: Searching

red burning tree tops
searching eyes in cold sun
blue winter, blank moon