Haiku: Tunes of Desire

blue skies, airy clouds
magical bird melodies
tunes of desire


Haiku: Clearing

spring air, clearing fog
restless strolling through blue night
sharp vision, soft dream


Haiku: Blue View

icy breeze on lips
overcast view, winter blue
remote kiss burning


Haiku: Crisp Dawn

blue chill, need to breathe
in a heartbeat dreams come true
crisp pink dawn, fresh tune

Haiku: Blue Mists

blue winter mists, chill
your warmness concealed in dreams
cold words, silent heart


Haiku: Arctic Breeze

blue moon light, sad sounds
remote whisper, arctic breeze
forlorn in blank ice


Haiku: Searching

red burning tree tops
searching eyes in cold sun
blue winter, blank moon