Molk | Silence | Schweigen



pismo molčeče
nikóli dostavljeno
nikóli oddano


still unsaid unsent
silent letters to you
never delivered


Schweigende Briefe
Niemals aufgegebene
Nie gelieferte


Written and translated by Dagmar Travner

Haiku: Leaving

In the train

train’s steady flow
vanishing landscapes, leaving
moving to white fields

Haiku: Easter Monday

Easter Eggs

light snow falling
Fools’ day – meaningful Easter
a new begin

Empty Dreams

sleepily thinking of you
reaching out my hand towards
the empty place by my side
knowing your thoughts
are not longer with me


so far, so near


gentle zephyr
fugacious kiss
touching lips

entangled hands
playful caresses
deep ardour

your embrace
surrounding me

Tanka: Night Walk

dreaming – night walk through
landscapes of otherness
your hand in mine
come, listen to heartbeats
feel my tune, see my thoughts

Tanka is a form of Japanese poetry, similar to Haiku, but older and consisting of max. 5-7-5-7-7 Syllables.

Traces of a Moment

So strange to find

this special ink in my notebook
reading the traces of your fountain pen
written down by my own hand.

Do you remember
this blink of a moment…

German version: Anmerkung eines Augenblicks

Haiku: After Sunset

starry summer night
don’t you hear my song anymore
sad melancholy

Haiku: Lush Roses

lush roses blooming
an intense scent of love
sweet sweat in the air

Haiku: Dark Heart

dark curtains, hot lips
wandering hands, bodies touch
soul fusion, heart break

Haiku: False Dreams

false cricket chirping
touching skins, blurred memories
forsaken bodies

Haiku: Breeze of Sorrows

burning summer breeze
cats lazily chewing birds
merciless sorrows

Tanka: Enticing Melodies

green mead, frail blooming
birds’ enticing melodies
when you grasped my hand
dragging me into your dreams
swift overwhelming journey

Haiku: Night’s Clarity

distant tune creeping
into flesh, night’s clarity
throbbing heartbeat hurts