Kärntner SchriftstellerInnen am Prešerenplatz (Prešernov trg) in Ljubljana

KSV-Antrittslesung von R. Lederer, G. Stadler, D. Travner am 7. Mai in Klagenfurt

Diese Erde ist eine unbarmherzige Liebhaberin. Sie ist verhext. Sie ist eine Zauberin! Sie nimmt Sie in ihre Arme und läßt Sie nie wieder gehen.

Bruce Chatwin: In Patagonien


LOGO 2019

Vorstellung der neuen Mitglieder des Kärntner SchriftstellerInnenVerbandes

Zeit: Dienstag, den 7. Mai 2019, um 19:30 Uhr
Ort: Robert-Musil-Haus, 1. Stock, Bahnhofstr. 50, Klagenfurt
Es lesen: Rosemarie Lederer, G. Apo Stadler und Dagmar Travner
Moderation: Gabriele Russwurm-Biro



G. Apo Stadler liest u.a. aus seiner Kurzgeschichte “Fluss des Lebens”, die über eine Reise nach Patagonien erzählt und dabei eine Brücke in die Kindheit schlägt:

G. Apo Stadler

G. Apo Stadler

Der Rio Baker ist der wasserreichste Fluss Chiles. Er hat es als einziger geschafft, die Anden zu durchbrechen. Diese Kraft spüre ich auch jetzt durch meine Adern fließen. Ich bin völlig entspannt, ruhig, eine unbeschreibliche Klarheit umfängt mich. Vor meinem geistigen Auge läuft ein Film ab.

Das Jahr 1951: Ich bin allein im Zimmer…




Wasser – in etwas anderer Ausprägung – ist auch für Dagmar Travner der Ausgangspunkt für weiter führende Reflexionen. Die Autorin begibt sich mit ihrem Text “Meer: Die See sehen” an selbiges und spielt mit Erinnerungen und Gestalten, Formen und Farben:

Dag Travner LJ

Dagmar Travner

Nicht ohne Grund tauchen wir träumend tief in das Meer ein – was als Schwebezustand wunderschön wie auch beängstigend sein kann. Das Bild ist so stark, dass sich viele Menschen sogar im Wachzustand vor tiefen Gewässern fürchten, die so unergründlich, ja gefährlich sind: voller Schlingpflanzen, scharfer Felsen und unheimlicher Lebewesen.
Geben wir dem Meer mehr Bedeutungstiefe als ihm zusteht?



Weiter in die Tiefe menschlicher Abgründe dringt Rosemarie Lederer mit ihrem Roman “Verwahrlost” vor:

Rosemarie Lederer

Rosemarie Lederer

Man sagt, die Liebe findet man, indem man liebt.
Wie soll einer lieben lernen, wenn das Zuhause, der Ort, der Geborgenheit und Liebe vermitteln soll, zum Ort der Angst wird?
Paul flüchtet hinter die rote Wand der Verdrängung. Schritt für Schritt lernt er eine neue Welt kennen.



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In eigener Sache

Dagmar Travner am Wörthersee. #selfie. ©ebenda ;)

Dagmar Travner am Wörthersee. #selfie. ©ebenda 😉

In eigener Sache.

Filmaufführung: “gelocht” von Dagmar Travner

Die IG Autorinnen und Autoren Kärnten lädt zur

Bahnhofstraße 50/III, Veranstaltungssaal 1. Stock

Am Montag, dem 16. November um 19:30 Uhr


in Anwesenheit der Filmemacherin Dagmar Travner

mit anschließender Podiumsdiskussion

Moderation: Angelika Hödl


DVD, Farbe, 27min, 2005


Heike, eine Häkelkünstlerin: Sabine Müller-Funk
Clara, ihre Tochter: Maria Lebzelter
Lotte, eine Lochkünstlerin: Ingrid Markowitsch
Marzipan, ein Galerist: Jörg Markowitsch

Objekte: Barbara Bernsteiner
Barbara Höller

Musik: Cordula Bösze

Kamera: Peter Gold
Kai Gold

Schnitt: Peter Gold
Dagmar Travner

Buch und Regie: Dagmar Travner

Produktion: cinematography, 2005

Heike, eine Häkelkünstlerin, ist mit ihrer 13jährigen Tochter Clara und mit Lotte, einer Lochkünstlerin, in ein abgelegenes Landhaus gezogen. Seit drei Jahren leben sie in extremer Einsamkeit, die zunächst ihre Kreativität erstickt, dann aber in einem Akt der Befreiung zum Ausbruch gelangt.


Dagmar Travner: 1959 in Klagenfurt geboren und aufgewachsen, bilingual Italienisch-Deutsch erzogen, lebt seit 1981 in Wien. Als Autorin und Kulturpublizistin tätig; schreibt für den „morgen“ (NÖ Kulturzeitschrift) und die „Frankfurter Hefte“.


Angelika Hödl

Musilhaus Klagenfurt

IG Autorinnen Autoren Kärnten

NaNoWriMo: day 4 and 5 – a new turn

Never look back: I’m glad about those “rules”… for a change it’s good for me, as usually I never write in a just letting it flow way…

These two were bizarre days of writing, day 4 went quite well, I had nearly accomplished my goal in the afternoon, then I had to learn with my daughter 5 hours latin and therefore had to stay at home in the evening, although I had originally planned to go to the final show of the Viennale. I wrote further 400 words after 10 pm, quite frustrated for sitting at home.

Couldn’t sleep at night, so I started to write at 3 am of day 5 again and this lead to a turn in concept of the novel, I have no idea if it’s a good thing or not but there is such pressure when writing the daily goal that I can’t decide about concepts, yet. I just let it flow and write what comes to my mind. The good thing starting so early work – though I had some sleep from 4 am till next morning – was that I had finished my goal already at noon. So a quite relaxed day, after all.

4th day: 6900 words
5th day: 8675 words

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3rd day of novel writing – between stand still and progress

Rhizome Cover

Today was a strange writing experience day – and even stranger I do feel at the moment, like an ugly bird in a cage which is forced to sing, or so… And I’m feeling very very ugly and even more “unsocial”, believe me 😐

Although I had written my first 500 words right in the morning – I use to put my daily goal into packages of 3×500 words – I had the feeling I would get further. sort of a stand still, I was convinced I would fail my goal when in the late afternoon I still hadn’t moved forward (so was my impression). So I got completely surprised and overwhelmed by the fact that I had accomplished all of a sudden over 5000 word by 7 p.m.

This 3rd day brought me a more detailed story-line, some victims, motives and the murderer 😉 I got to knew quite well what the story would be about, so there is a clearer plot in my head I can develop now.

„Rhizome, Stalking Root“ is the working title for my crime novel and serves as special inspiration and motive.

A rhizome is sending out roots and shoots from its nodes; it is sorts of something rootless having several equal points of residency but no main home point; furthermore a rhizome spreads along without limits, it may turn out to be a poisonous evil which leads to even more disastrous effects on its way… and nearly impossible to get away with it as there will always be some rest spreading along.

BTW, the novel is to be written in german language.
writing3rd day: goal reached at 7 pm
5233 words so far

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NaNoWriMo: Day 2 – a plot emerges

Beginning to write spontaneously a novel of 50000 words yesterday without any preparations before,

the first day was marked by associations, dreams, descriptions of states of nature and mind, just letting my thoughts going in a flow,

day 2 brought me a sort of a plot, a story began to develop nearly out of itself, without any effort from my side, it was more like delivering a ready-made product.

although it was a day full of awkward nasty occurrences in the real daily life world which really upset me I learned to keep it going and put negative thoughts away. setting priorities in my energy balance made me get back to my creativity regardless of unpleasant circumstances. a great encouraging day, indeed.

2nd day: 3554 words so far
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NaMoWriMo: 30 days and nights of literary abandon!

THE NEW ADDICTION: National Novel Writing Month
November 1st-30th – 30 days and nights

Writing in 30 days 50.000 words – an international challenge taking place every year in november. I got to know about it only on October 31st, so just in time to sign up and to start the next day. My first thought was: What an incredible craziness! My second: Why not?

I did so without any concept in mind what I would write. Impatiently I waited in the evening for the next day to come and exactly at midnight I started to write without knowing where this would leed me. After 20 minutes I had written my first 209 words and went to sleep. Strange dreams accompanied my night and excitement my wakening. So right in the morning I continued to let the story surprise me. On the first day I wrote more than 2000 words. Still I have no clue which sort of novel I’m writing and what story will come out. Waiting couriousily for new developments.

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1st day: 2184 words so far

Working in Vienna

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My blogspot-site might be re-opened soon, but if so, only as mirror to this site.

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Birthday party: pics and merci!

From the Album WIEN_2007_07_11_Geburtstag

Many thanks to my family: my husband, the kids and relatives and all my dear friends and wonderful guests for your presence and presents  and the nice wishes to my birthday!
Didier – tu étais le premier à m’envoyer tes vœux chaleureux et ton vidéo d’anniversaire si magnifique !
Grazie alla mia famiglia : mio marito per avere preparato tutta la festa ! E grazie anche a mio figlio grande e mia figlia coccolina per i regali, il aiuto e il amore!
Grazie a mia cugina Silvia di Klagenfurt per venire alla mia festa!
Grazie allo zio Hans di Klagenfurt per telefonarmi!
Thanks to my cousin Grace from Wisconsin for meeting me at msn!
Thanks to my brother Sanjay from New Delhi for phoning me!
Thanks to Raman from Kerala for joining me online at the party!
Et merci a Zinedjel d’Alger pour me parler au Yahoo après la fête à 2 heures du matin !
Merci à /thanks to
Azade, Carlos, Samira, Malika, Stouf, Flamenca, Mamu, Mustapha, Essaid, Liss, Dominique
et tous les autres amis magrébins, portugais, français
& all the other Iranian, Indian, Australian & American friends
for your nice e-cards/mails and comments @ Yahoo360!

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