André Robillard - film still. © Dag Travner
André Robillard – film still. © Dag Travner

The film on YouTube:

Visual Art Intervention

An Evening with André Robillard

Shooting: Martina Funder
Editing, effects, post production: Dag Travner
© 2015 by Dag Travner & Martina Funder

In April 1999 the art brut artist André Robillard showed an exhibition at the art club ‘Kunstverein Baden’ near Vienna in Austria – invited by the art collector Eric Moinat.
This film features some impressions from the vernissage evening – first at the gallery and then at a ‘Heurigen’ wine tavern, where the gallery folks went after the opening.
André Robinard sings and plays on his mouthorgan – and that’s what this film is about.

Martina Funder, chairwoman of the Kunstverein Baden at that time, filmed a few scenes of that evening with her camcorder.
This historical material was edited and post processed by Dag Travner in 2015.


Am 21. April 1999 fand in der Galerie des Kunstvereins Baden bei Wien die Ausstellung “Art Brut” von dem…

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