Haiku: Crisp Dawn

blue chill, need to breathe
in a heartbeat dreams come true
crisp pink dawn, fresh tune

One thought on “Haiku: Crisp Dawn

  1. So I think I wrote a mini novel for this (and yes I wrote this out twice and still came to about the same word count both times.) But it’s just so hard to pick out the best bits of every episode. Every mintue is something special, and what is funny to me, may not be funny to someone else. (Or this just shows that I really do have no life or that I’ve watched all the episodes on demand one too many times).The season starts off with a diva being an escapee, and everyone getting to be on the farm but Josh. Josh is jealous, so they set a million dollar challenge that Beekman 1802 must make a million dollars to get Josh on the farm full time. Brent takes this challenge, and even though Josh said no, he had a fence built for Polka Spot. Josh gets great joy out of the fact that Polka Spot needs to be shaved to feel the shocks from the fence. Polka Spot wanted no parts of this, but in the end she lost, and she’s now a pretty, pretty llama. (This was my favorite funny scene of the season). The next two episodes cover a vacation to pick up black Welsh sheep for the boys and Martha. While down in North Carolina, Josh wants to meet Brent’s family, but Brent insists they aren’t ready yet. Josh is sad and worried that Brent’s grandparents aren’t getting any younger and that his relationship with Brent has affected his family. They end up at Martha’s barn, which is spotless and has tiny asses Josh fears the worst and Brent will want to recreate Martha’s barn at the Beekman. They end up having a barn raising and Josh gets his butt blurred out from his little skinny dipping adventures in the pool with Doug and Garth. The community comes together and makes the Beekman look beautiful.Now Josh gets some news that is going to keep him away from the farm even more, his workload changed and is now spending lots of time in California, and racking up those frequent flyer miles like nobody’s business. Food and Wine magazine comes to the Beekman for a photo-shoot where the boys have to dress smart. What’s smart they ask? Brent tells Josh he looks cute and smart, and then Josh Model Walks!, He sure does love his model walk doesn’t he? The photo-shoot goes well (can’t wait for it to be released!) Now Josh and Brent have an opportunity to release a new product during Vogue Fashion Night. Milk Shake? Is it a drink? Is it a bath soak? It’s the latter, and Josh thinks people will be confused. Josh then at his cooking demonstration has to deal with an interesting person, (BTW, are we seeing the recipe for pears in hay anytime? Or is that in the cookbook and we’ll have to wait?) The end of this episode has me tearing up at the end when they talk to Brent’s grandmother on the phone. She loves the book and is happy that Brent’s happy. It’s Harvest Fest Time, and everyone believes Harvest Fest will be huge. Megan and co, worry that Brent isn’t going to order enough product to make a successful Fest. A celebrity in Sharon Springs? Rosie O’Donnell arrives and wants her cheese, good thing she pre-ordered. Josh and Brent have made bickering an art form. Harvest Fest was a huge success for everyone, but just think how much more successful if there had been more cheese? Brent has an idea for an heirloom recipe cookbook, and Josh wants to feel included in the business so with his writing expertise he wants 51% control of the cookbook. Brent reluctantly agrees. Megan wants more control, to handle things while Brent is away. In the end Brent gives up some control. It’s that time when Josh’s parents visit the Beekman. Most times Josh is usually in the city so he doesn’t get to spend time with his parents, he wants them to come into the city with him. Dave does not want to go, so he’s left to bond with Brent on a mancation . Josh’s mom gets to see his work, and ends up having fun while Josh is in meetings. Josh’s dad ends up showing Brent lots of things that Brent missed out on in his childhood. Holy cow, Brent can shoot a gun. And what’s this talk? Both parents brought up grandkids. Brent doesn’t think he’d make a good father, and Josh says the timings all wrong. Feet up on the table? Josh tries it and Brent ends the mancation . It’s now almost the holidays in Sharon Springs, and with an idea from Maria a Victorian Fest is born. Finally the million dollar challenge is brought up a lot, but what will happen? During the fest there is some dancing, and Josh has the balls to be the lady (I’m sure somewhere Aqua is proud). The rest of the fest is lovely, and by normal standards it’s a success for the first year, but for sales standards it’s a little disappointing. Again the challenge is brought up, and Brent admits to the viewers that they may not make it and that he’s never failed at anything before (I really feel for Brent in this instance). Josh throws a surprise party for Farmer John with the help of Jason. If Jason doesn’t keep a test secret a secret, polkie and Jason have to kiss. (Personally I think polkie might have wanted a kiss, but I’m certain Jason, wanted no parts I mean really a fussy diva? He’d never hear the end of it if it went wrong). Some tension towards the end when Brent tells Josh that they may not make it. Dun…Dun…Dun… What happens next?So that brings us to the finale (Baby Goats in the trailer!!) Honestly, I don’t think Josh is full time farmer yet. I’d like to believe a bit more towards permanent than before, but not 100%. I think Brent maybe does something on a part time basis with the doctor thing, but, I also don’t see him not giving anything less than 150% at Beekman 1802. I’m sure off cameras there was lots of discussions/compromises, etc. But I sense that these past few months, have been tough on the boys, and from this important turning point so to speak their relationship is stronger than ever. They will keep doing Beekman1802, because I think that is what they were destined to do. And hopefully sometime in the future NY will pass the marriage equality law (and polkie gets to help officiate a ceremony for Brent and Josh), and planet green picks up the show for 3rd season (and if they don’t do that, I’d be satisfied, with a bunch of specials covering events like Garden Festival, Harvest Fest, & Victorian Fest, just to see how everything is continuing and succeeding). And I apologize for the length.


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