NaNoWriMo: day 4 and 5 – a new turn

Never look back: I’m glad about those “rules”… for a change it’s good for me, as usually I never write in a just letting it flow way…

These two were bizarre days of writing, day 4 went quite well, I had nearly accomplished my goal in the afternoon, then I had to learn with my daughter 5 hours latin and therefore had to stay at home in the evening, although I had originally planned to go to the final show of the Viennale. I wrote further 400 words after 10 pm, quite frustrated for sitting at home.

Couldn’t sleep at night, so I started to write at 3 am of day 5 again and this lead to a turn in concept of the novel, I have no idea if it’s a good thing or not but there is such pressure when writing the daily goal that I can’t decide about concepts, yet. I just let it flow and write what comes to my mind. The good thing starting so early work – though I had some sleep from 4 am till next morning – was that I had finished my goal already at noon. So a quite relaxed day, after all.

4th day: 6900 words
5th day: 8675 words

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username: dtravner

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