HI!!! Salut 🙂 mes ami(e) sur / to my friends @ yahoo profiles

I’m back after a very long time of absence. After an Odyssey through virtual spaces? 😉 Being back and meeting some of my Y!360 friends again feels really really good 🙂 


Also because – as I’ve already done on my 360 blog – I’ll try to keep up with my francophone friends, too 😉 by writing in both languages…


Mes ami(e)s, je suis du retour 🙂 et ça fait du bien!!!! Je me suis trouvée très à l’aise sur 360 mais les problèmes techniques sur ce blog m ‘ont forcée de chercher d’autres possibilités… et c’était une sorte d’Odyssée a travers les différent internet sites…


Ainsi j’ai visité beaucoup des autres sites virtuelles comme myspace, multiply, twitter et facebook (ici on m’y trouve encore, c’est ma nouvelle patrie 😉 et j’ai voyagé dans des pays réelles: les états unies, et cette année L’INDE. Ce pays est fantastique et je compte d’y retourner bientôt (pour l’hiver 😉


After trying out lots of new blogs e.g. on multiply, myspace, Twitter and facebook (where you can actually find me quite often! facebook: the greatest waste of time, haha) I’ll give yahoo a new chance, having always felt at home on 360.


Bloomsday in Vienna


Actually I’m back here right on BLOOMSDAY – so let’s celebrate virtually the ODYSSEY through Joyce’s Dublin. Let’s eat pork kidneys for breakfast, let’s carry a lemon soap in our pocket and let’s have Gorgonzola cheese with red wine 😉


CHEERS :)))))))))))))


read more:

english: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloomsday

francais: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloomsday

Bloomsday in Dublin 08: Kidneys, Guinness and ‘Ulysses’ on the menu for Joyce’s special day


Bloomsday in Wien 09: http://wien.orf.at/stories/367928/

and http://www.echomedia-verlag.at/home/termine/1174

live streaming at 19:00 CEST http://www.wienlive.tv/bloomsday09

read also my next blog entry about Ulysses Kidneys 😉



The Bloomsday celebration in Vienna was great, indeed, a quite impressing show down of real irish feeling, masses of joyful people a the Café Korb, all DRUNK OF COURSE :)))))) all singing and dancing in the street until 3 am in the morning, not to forget the marathon reading of the Ulysses 🙂 as sorts of background music 😉 

and last not least: very passionate discussions about Ulysses!

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