Yes, we have been there – in North-America 😉

New York – Champaign, IL – Chicago – Milwaukee – Billings – Seattle – San Francisco – Los Angeles – Venice Beach – Newport – Phoenix – Albuquerque :)))) – Santa Fe – Denver – Chicago – Mount Pleasant, MI – Sleeping Bear dunes, MI – Detroit – Toronto – Ottawa – Montreal and back to NY…

And yes, we did it – the whole route by Greyhound 🙂

see me in Albuquerque, my dream coming true 😉

4 thoughts on “North-America

  1. Quel beau voyage vous avez fait! J’espère que ta fille réalise la chance qu’elle a eue.Je suis sûre qu’elle a fait des progrès en Anglais.


  2. LOL! You’ve seen more of my country than I have! Great pic!

    Good ol’ Greyhound. You all are troopers! I bet you’re glad to be home though.


  3. I would love to hear more about your trip dear Dagmar. What happened to your little girl??? How did she grow up so quickly???


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