Back home in Vienna

So, my daughter and I back home in Vienna after 6 1/2 weeks travelling through North-America and 3 weeks relaxing in Klagenfurt, my hometown, in Carinthia, a southern state of Austria.

Though back in Vienna a great change is going to happen next week: My son – nearly 20 years old – will be moving out!!! Nothing will be again as it used to be….

It’s great and important for him to leave the parent’s home and though such an incredible impact for me, his mother. I’m glad for him but also weeping silently from time to time… can’t believe it…

4 thoughts on “Back home in Vienna

  1. Home sweet home! Heureuse de te retrouver Dag! Mais je te vois bien triste. J’espère que ton fils ne va pas trop loin. Cela lui permettra de revenir souvent. Pour faire laver son linge et se faire chouchouter par sa maman (sourire) Vous formez une bien jolie famille.


  2. Welcome back! But you’re right, it’s important that he find his way in the world. Can’t stop change. It’s not easy though. You share the same bittersweet feelings of many parents.


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