Saturday relaxing at a wine tavern

Weekend afternoons and evenings lot’s of Viennese people use to spend at a typical new wine tavern in the outskirts of Vienna, midst of vineyards and in full nature. We are lucky to live in such an area and so we meet quite often with friends at such a “Heurigen” as we call those taverns in german – which literally means “wine of this year” and gave those typical taverns their name – which btw must be run by the wine farmers themselves offering only their own products. So you relax in the nice gardens, drink very good wine and eat Austrian plain fare.

The pics were taken last weekend, when we went with long years friends to a Heurigen tavern in a little village called Perchtoldsdorf (Lower Austria) – just 5 minutes from our house… a very good distance for the way home which is usually undertaken in a more or less dizzy state of mind 😉

There is a woman going from one tavern to another selling fruits covered with chocolate – she is always very impatiently awaited 🙂

Our friends in love – a Heurigen can be very romantic, too 😉 He just bought her a lovely flower bunch…

4 thoughts on “Saturday relaxing at a wine tavern

  1. thats an enjoyable/fun weekend to spend. Nice ambience n great food! Wow envy you!!!


  2. Your telling description of the above lovely pictures project a sense of social comradely that is both natural and effortless. If you ever figure out how to bottle that Lower Austrian charm please send some my way. Over here one has to work at relaxing, and if your successful and lucky, social comradely may follow. I envy you too.


  3. Great pictures! Sounds like a lovely way to spend a weekend. I bet you have a very good grasp off the differences in wines. Yum! Chocolate covered fruit… awesome!


  4. This is indeed a very interesting tradition to maintain in generations! Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely weekend and good pics and wine also, even just tasting it 🙂


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