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in a strange mood

Is that me… am I lost…
do signs
stay between being and needs
does communication really mean sharing
or do words interfere the immediate feeling
what is intermediate?

are we getting more and more
from the essential…
being driven apart
from us and us

Smoky’s Barbecue

On weekends my husbands loves to barbecue…

see for yourself 😉

The first new tortoise eggs of this year :)

Today our greek tortoise layed 6 eggs!

Last week our female tortoise Beaubeau (about 30 years old) has been running around being somehow quite nervous and restless – a sure sign she was about laying her eggs soon. It had been rainy and quite cold those days, to cold to lay eggs, as warm temperatures and bright weather are needed to do so. So, finally today, saturday, it became quite hot again here in Vienna and in the afternoon the right time had come: our Beaubeau started digging!

It takes about one or even two hours to dig a hole of the right size and depth, the egg laying takes about 10 or 15 minutes and then it lasts another three quarters of an hour to close the hole in a way you wouldn‘t see any sign of a previous digging and egg laying. It‘s amazing.

My work – as the climate in Vienna is too cold for eggs to hatch – is now to dig out all eggs with caution (the position of reptile eggs must not be changed) and put them into a incubator at a temperature of about 32-33 degrees Celsius for 55-62 days.

See my last years blog with an egg laying video at
and its egg hatching with photo album here

A very special diary of a very special daughter :)

Mon petit ange est de retour de la France! Bien arrivée ce soir, après été allée de Nantes en TGV à Paris, puis en avion à Vienne; elle semble d’être très heureuse et un peu moins enfant qu’au départ…

SHE IS BACK! My little daughter, my special angel, is back from Nantes in France! Happiness everywhere, laughing and crying parents, dancing kids on the airport.

Enfin enfin… elle est revenue saine et sauve, avec un tout petit journal de bord dans son nouveau (!) sac et une tête pleine de souvenirs… et elle raconte et raconte sans cesse…

Mother‘s Day in Ljubljana

Last sunday was Pentecost what means a long holiday weekend with holidays from Saturday until Monday, schools even until Tuesday. As I was invited to a so-called network meeting (see photo below) in Ljubljana on saturday evening we decided to spend our vacancies there.

As it happened to be the second in May that Sunday was not only Pentecost but also mother‘s day. I was looking forward to spending it in Ljubljana, as I‘m born and grown up in Klagenfurt, a town only a hundred kilometers away. So – at that time, many many years ago – my parents used quite often to undertake a day trip to Ljubljana and so this time the 3 days’ stay was also a nice reflection of my childhood.

Tomorrow morning my daughter is going to leave for France for one week, she will be staying in Nantes, a quite strange feeling knowing my little baby so far away (nearly) on her own… it a school activity, so she will be with her class mates, strange all the same…

So it seems from one day to the other it‘s me being a little girl visiting with my parents Ljubljana and the next moment it‘s my little girl who is travelling on her own so far away…

post scriptum: bon, j’ai pitié avec les francophones, alors voilà un sommaire:
Le weekend passé j’étais avec ma famille a Ljubljana (Slovénie) en vacances de Pentecôte pour 3 jours; avant tout pour relaxer et aussi parce que le samedi soir il y avait un “network meeting”.
Le dimanche était la fête des Mères et j’étais très contente de la passer cette fois a Ljubljana – une ville où j’étais très souvent dans mon enfance avec mes parents comme Klagenfurt est tres proche. A l’époque c’était moi l’enfant et maintenant déjà ma propre fille commence à mener sa propre vie comme elle va partir en France pour une semaine avec sa classe et sans ces parents…

Soft guitar sounds

What could be more amazing than listening to inspiring music?

So, follow me to a lonely beach, lean back, relax and enjoy

Rodrigo’s Concerto de Aranjuez, played by Paco de Lucia