Have a wonderful new spring my friends – je vous souhaite des merveilleuse journées en ce printemps, mes ami(e)s!

Chez nous en Autriche l’hiver nous fait signe de ne pas l’oublier en envoyant encore de la neige. Mais les fleurs, ici on voit des perce-neige dans mon jardin, les messagers du printemps nous chuchotent que le journées printanières ne vont pas tarder…

There is still some snow falling over Austria, winter says hello – but the new blossoms and early flowers bravely deliver their message: Spring can’t be held back! Coming soon 😉

The little white flowers you see above are SNOWDROPS – in Austria one says they are the first sign of spring. Actually they are growing THROUGH the snow, they have a sort of peak on their heads and only when they are through the snow cover they unfold their leaves and blossom. Austria and especially Carinthia is an alpine country and we use to have snow until April!
read more about those wonderful snowdrops here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowdrop