In my homeland Carinthia, the state „Kärnten“ in the south of Austria, the Easter Egg and gifts search as well as the typical Easter snack is a Sunday Eve‘s ritual – i.e. it takes place on saturday – whereas in the rest of Austria the us is on Easter Sunday.

Saturday morning starts with the traditional „Fleischweihe“ (consecration of meat) at church – a basket filled with food, mostly meat: traditional Carinthian bacon, ham and sausages are consecrated by the priest during the service.

In the afternoon all the kids are awaiting impatiently the Egg Search – as together with the hidden eggs they will find a lot of little gifts. Usually all tiny items are hidden in the garden or the free nature – so the parents are well advised to count all gifts and eggs (!) before hiding them 😉 Nevertheless each year there are one or two losses which will be found only in Summer or even later by chance… LOL

Multicoloured Easter Eggs

the cooked ones are hidden and after the search the kids and sometimes the adults as well 😉 play „Eierpecken“ – crashing the eggs together: the broken egg has lost and can be eaten 🙂

but there are also all sorts of artistically painted eggs which serve as decoration on bushes, on flower bunches, on the house and in the home…

Osterjause – the traditional meal

The Easter Snack consists of the colored eggs, the wet-cured ham: the traditional Carinthian „Osterschinken“, traditional sausages called „Krainer“, lots of fresh horseradish or „Eierkren“ (horseradish mixed up with finely chopped eggs, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, mashed with a fork to a sort of paste) and last but not least the Reindling (a yeast cake with lots of sugar and raisins). We Carinthian people eat all those things at the same time, we put onto a piece of sweet Reindling a thick slice of ham and above the hot egg-horseradish which makes you cry! SO that‘s the test if you are a native Carinthian – sorry to say that – but no Viennese would ever eat those delicious specialities at the same time – they use to take first the ham with brown bread and only afterwards – as dessert – the Reindling. No chance to convert those „strangers“ LOL!

2 thoughts on “Carinthian Easter: Eggs, Bunnys, Ham

  1. Merci Dag de nous faire connaître les traditions de ton pays.Le gâteau ressemble au Kuggelhoff alsacien. Je suppose que le reste de la semaine on jeûne, histoire de perdre les kilos que l’on a pris? Bonne reprise pour demain. Bises.


  2. I know I’m all late, but thanks for sharing this! I was wondering what that hash of egg was on the plate. VERY interesting! I wouldn’t be able to eat the meat; although I know my dad would love to sample all of it. Do you have a recipe for Reindling you could post? Is it only eaten on Easter?


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