Bienvenue à PARIS! Welcome to the Y!360 PARTY – PARIS, FRANCE!

No, I’m not actually in Paris today – only sharing some souvenirs with you. And I’m back to 360 :))
in order to present you some of my favorite music recalling France and Paris…

The pic above shows my daughter and me dancing in front of the Serge Gainsbourg’s house in St. Germain, Paris, in autoumn 2007. Paris is a wonderful place full of love, and although I’ve spent wonderful sojourns in love there, the most amazing visit was this one with my daughter showing her all the fascinating sites of Paris.

As a contribution to KEE’s Y!360 PARTY: “Around the World” #2 – PARIS, FRANCE!


The wild 70s were my teenage flower power years. 1976 I visited the first time Paris and I met my first great love – not in Paris, though, but in France, indeed 🙂 Each of us has his own family by now and we have been remaining friends – as we had promised to each other those days…

The love to the French chansons has been accompanying me since my teenage days, although not a French group I start my musical tour with a Manhattan Transfer song which was a hit during my last school year 😀

The Manhattan Transfer: CHANSON D’AMOUR, 1977

Serge Gainsbourg: Ballade de Melody Nelson, 1971

Joe Dassin / Willy Denzey : Et si tu n’existais pas, 2004

Souad Massi et Marc Lavoine: Paris, 2006

Take the tour through my playlist of my favorite French chansons – dedicated to Princess Suki who invited me to the party 😉
They are more or less all French singers I use to listen to – except Carla Bruni – here on the playlist it’s the first time I ever heard a song of her – why I’ve put her as well you may imagine quite well… And why ILONA? Because my daughter is running crazy about her and in Paris she went on her own to a shop to buy an Ilona CD 😉 And she did it so sweetly talking so nicely French 🙂

just press the play button on the standalone player:

Some Words About Our Y!360 PARTIES

And once again the link to KEE’s party and her CHATROOM!

7 thoughts on “Bienvenue à PARIS! Welcome to the Y!360 PARTY – PARIS, FRANCE!

  1. That was the shortest story ever, but it counts. Awwwww…I’m glad you and your daughter had such a great time in Paris!

    Manhattan Transfer did a French song? Who knew? Another jammin’ playlist and video set! I was looking for that word earlier when I was trying to describe the kind of French music that I liked – “chansons,” right? I love this variety of French music on your blog. Uh…Souad Massi is too cute, by the way. LOL!

    See you in the chatroom (eerr… on the streets of Paris)! 😉


  2. Yeah…The confession is too short. Im sure theres more than that!!!
    I love your pics. Must go there one day!!!!


  3. In terms of the Voting for Best Y!360 “Paris Party” Music, very nice to hear songs in French, BUT You could have added Videos to it…Humans are Visual people, not just Audio….

    En termes de vote pour les meilleurs Y!360 “Paris Party” ; La musique, très gentille d’entendre des chansons en français, MAIS vous pourrait avoir ajouté Videos à elle… des humains sont les personnes visuelles, pas simplement audio….


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