Je suis en balade – suivez-moi donc, mes ami(e)s!

Spring has come to Vienna – it’s far too early for our climate, I think winter won’t give up without fighting his season back. But for the moment we may enjoy the mild temperatures and get some sunshine after weeks of grayish days. The pic was taken today, it shows the a little river near the place where I’m living in a southern part of Vienna.

For the first time I’ve the impression to recover a little bit. I caught a sort of flu one month ago (!!!) and although the high fever and the really bad symptoms lasted only four days, headaches and incredible pains in the back and the legs kept on torturing me…

So, friends, thanks for your support in these days, thanks for your understanding my absence, thanks for your coms!

Just a s-called TRANSITION IN 2008???? See
It has become difficult to post coms on 360; the comment wall as well as the mailbox are only open from 11-17h CET and some blogs are not accessible at all – that’s just ridiculous! Oh – I forgot: today ALL pics (profil and blogs) have disappeared as well!!! My philosophical yahoo-group I’m running for an professional lecture circle doesn’t show anymore – it was hard persuasion work to introduce such a “technical” feature to conservative readers and just now when everybody is relying on, it is going to shut down???? More and more friends are leaving and moving over to different providers. It’s very sad. Just one year ago I’ve started my blog here, it’s still my favorite blog, I feel AT HOME but I give up by now – it has become too frustrating. They are rumors telling yahoo had 3 000 000 users one year ago whereas today there are only 300 000 left!!! It seems Yahoo has enormous economic problems and for that reason I doubt that there will ever be a so-called transition to a better social network / blog – I guess they are just abandoning us…

La vie sur 360 est devenue tres difficile pendant les dernieres mois! Les problemes avaient commencée avec les blogs qui disparaissaient ou qu’on ne pouvait meme pas “poster”. Apres avoir mangé des coms et des mssgs completement les semaines derniers, Yahoo m’a donné des horaires de bureau 11:00-17:00 CET pour la mailbox et les coms à l’accueil!!! C’est trop absurde! Depuis hier je ne vois plus aucun image: ni de profil ni sur les blogs dont qqs ne sont pas accessibles du tout! Ca bug sans cesse et j’en ai marre, voilà! Alors je dis adieux 360, mais je dis AU REVOIR à mes très cher(e)s ami(e)s!!! Je vous attends sur multiply ou bien myspace!

And for those who haven’t yet understood: YAHOO HAS COMPLETELY ABANDONED 360!!! It’s over!!! Time to say BYE BYE!!!
for more info see: Y/360 Rumor Control:

I wish you a wonderful time full of sunshine, peace and love! Don’t forget to take a fine walk and enjoy the new-growing flowers: Forget-me-not 😉

Je souhaite à mes ami(e)s plein de bonne choses, des journées pleines de rayons de soleil, de paix et d’amour! N’oubliez pas de faire une belle balade et jouissez de la beauté du paysage et des fleurs: Ne-m’oubliez-pas 😉

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14 thoughts on “Just taking a walk…

  1. It is too frustrating…although I have come to love some of the features that Multiply offers…and even though I have come to dislike some of what Yahoo represents to me, it is somehow still the blogging “home”. I am like the rebellious teen who wants to not need his parents but can’t help returning home.

    Your picture is so beautiful. I have been sooo cold today. We had snow this morning–beautiful big flakes. Had the wind not been blowing they would have danced long in the sky before falling. Still…I find myself restless and eager for the earth to warm again. My fingers long to play in the soil, to plant and watch the newborn wildlife parade.

    I am in a deeply transitional period. Please keep us in prayers as you and yours remain in mine. Be blessed dear one…and have a beautiful night.


  2. Beautiful pic! I love this kind of scenery. I wish we hv the 4 seasons here!!!

    I have no patience with Multiply – u saw my page right? I sat the whole day just doing that ….ah….so I gave up. It’s just not user friendly, I think.


  3. I also love the picture and I also live by a river. It’s been real winter here and I’ve taken some nice snowy pictures of my river, but I won’t get around to posting them until I run out of bike pictures. I sure hope you didn’t get that UK flue that made the news here–vomiting every hour, dehydration and you now the rest. Glad to hear you are on the mend.

    360 here, or at least mine, hasn’t given me to many problems–probably because I keep my blog very simple (I’m not computer savvy enough to do otherwise). That said, I do know about yahoo’s financial troubles, layoffs, and I don’t kid myself that things will be fine in the future. Most likely I will go to multiply, with a bit of trepidation and fear, since I don’t pick stuff up as quickly as I used to. I wish you the best, one way or the other, and I hope we don’t lose contact. You have been a very good friend.


  4. I am not a person who would easily leave an institution or a country just because I didn’t like the politics or other bad conditions. I thinks it’s important to criticise and fight against awkward and unpleasant situations. BUT Yahoo is definitely a sinking ship – in this case it’s better to be prepared to the worst and to pack one’s bags!!!


  5. Post Scriptum: Et voilà – what the 360-refugees-group pointed out today:
    “Yahoo! may cut Irish jobs (27 January 2008)
    Internet firm Yahoo! is expected to make significant job cuts before the end of the month, but it is unclear as to whether the restructuring will affect its Irish operation.
    The company currently employs about 14,000 worldwide and is believed to be preparing to shed between 500 and 700 staff in a move that could be announced with its fourth quarter results on Tuesday.
    Yahoo! has struggled to compete with search engine giant Google, and the company’s share price has declined from $40 in January 2006, trading at about $22 in recent weeks. Chief executive Terry Semel resigned last June, in a move which saw the company’s co-founder Jerry Yang return to the helm.”



    Have a cup of tea, put your feet up and stare out of the window. Warning: don’t try this while driving.
    Spend some quality time in the bathtub.
    Write down these words and place them where you can see them, “Multitasking is a Moral Weakness.”
    Try to do only one thing at a time.




  7. un coucou / ta bulle
    je rame pour ma music sur la page multiply
    j’ai l’habitude de prendre l’embed et là j’y arrive pas
    en plus pour les vidéos j’arrive pas à en rajouter



  8. “Yahoo cuts will include “a few hundred” from the Yahoo! Network Division, a new tipster tells us. Combined with deep cuts from Yahoo! Germany, France, Italy and Spain, the layoffs should total at least as many as the 1,000 doomed employees CEO Jerry Yang set aside for “reallocation” during yesterday’s earnings call. The details seem to confirm older rumors that the layoffs would include featured bloggers from Network Division sites such as Finance and Food.”


  9. I love that song, however I never knew the meaning until now. I’m pretty sure Nina Simone sings it on one of my cd’s, or maybe it’s Marianne Faithful. It’s in my music somewhere I’m sure.


  10. _______♥♥♥♥♥♥♥_____________________________
    __♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥____♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ _____
    ____________♥♥♥♥___ __________________



  11. In terms of Overall Y360 Paris Party page, yours is done very well and well thought out with lots of info and pictures…To Me, my vote is between You and Kee…This is going to be tough..Good Job and Good Luck to you!!


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