Je suis en balade – suivez-moi donc, mes ami(e)s!

Spring has come to Vienna – it’s far too early for our climate, I think winter won’t give up without fighting his season back. But for the moment we may enjoy the mild temperatures and get some sunshine after weeks of grayish days. The pic was taken today, it shows the a little river near the place where I’m living in a southern part of Vienna.

For the first time I’ve the impression to recover a little bit. I caught a sort of flu one month ago (!!!) and although the high fever and the really bad symptoms lasted only four days, headaches and incredible pains in the back and the legs kept on torturing me…

So, friends, thanks for your support in these days, thanks for your understanding my absence, thanks for your coms!

Just a s-called TRANSITION IN 2008???? See
It has become difficult to post coms on 360; the comment wall as well as the mailbox are only open from 11-17h CET and some blogs are not accessible at all – that’s just ridiculous! Oh – I forgot: today ALL pics (profil and blogs) have disappeared as well!!! My philosophical yahoo-group I’m running for an professional lecture circle doesn’t show anymore – it was hard persuasion work to introduce such a “technical” feature to conservative readers and just now when everybody is relying on, it is going to shut down???? More and more friends are leaving and moving over to different providers. It’s very sad. Just one year ago I’ve started my blog here, it’s still my favorite blog, I feel AT HOME but I give up by now – it has become too frustrating. They are rumors telling yahoo had 3 000 000 users one year ago whereas today there are only 300 000 left!!! It seems Yahoo has enormous economic problems and for that reason I doubt that there will ever be a so-called transition to a better social network / blog – I guess they are just abandoning us…

La vie sur 360 est devenue tres difficile pendant les dernieres mois! Les problemes avaient commencée avec les blogs qui disparaissaient ou qu’on ne pouvait meme pas “poster”. Apres avoir mangé des coms et des mssgs completement les semaines derniers, Yahoo m’a donné des horaires de bureau 11:00-17:00 CET pour la mailbox et les coms à l’accueil!!! C’est trop absurde! Depuis hier je ne vois plus aucun image: ni de profil ni sur les blogs dont qqs ne sont pas accessibles du tout! Ca bug sans cesse et j’en ai marre, voilà! Alors je dis adieux 360, mais je dis AU REVOIR à mes très cher(e)s ami(e)s!!! Je vous attends sur multiply ou bien myspace!

And for those who haven’t yet understood: YAHOO HAS COMPLETELY ABANDONED 360!!! It’s over!!! Time to say BYE BYE!!!
for more info see: Y/360 Rumor Control:

I wish you a wonderful time full of sunshine, peace and love! Don’t forget to take a fine walk and enjoy the new-growing flowers: Forget-me-not 😉

Je souhaite à mes ami(e)s plein de bonne choses, des journées pleines de rayons de soleil, de paix et d’amour! N’oubliez pas de faire une belle balade et jouissez de la beauté du paysage et des fleurs: Ne-m’oubliez-pas 😉

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