The 21 december is the day of the solstice, the begin of winter but this means also the days are getting longer again and the light comes back.

To me – being mor the mediteranian type – this light factor has been always very important as I’m quite suffering from the fog and the greysh days without sun, the night getting longer and longer, the sun disppearing somewhere… taking all hope with it.

Christmas time is marking the New Year, the hope coming back with the sun, the warmth and love we experiance with our family and our friends… The celtic and german mythological motives of renewal and love are symbolized in Christianity by the birth of Christ, the gifts representing the love and warmth amoung the human beings…

Waiting for Chrismas we celebrate the season of advent – the last four sundays before Chistmas a new candle is lit… until there are four candles burning on an advent wreaths. Though I know very little about Jewish custums, Hannuka with its nine candles lit one after another reminds me a bit of our advent… the try of bringing a bit light and warmth to a time where sun is vanishing…

It’s wonderful that this and last year the muslim feast of Eid ul-Adha is celebrated at about the same time… somehow this connects the different people, don’t you think?

I’m sitting right now in my favorite Coffee House in Vienna, the Indian Coffee Day, they have a free wlan – it’s great to write here to my friends, getting some messenger calls in the meantime, chatting and writing… I’d wish you were here… 😉

I’m leaving tomorrow to my hometown Klagenfurt in the south of Austria to spend there xmas… I’ll be back in Vienna for the New Year… hope to see you all again, hopefully yahoo won’t let us completely down… comdemning all the friendships to a big diaspora…

anyway – you will find me at multiply, blogspot or myspace, too!!!

C u soon, my friends! Have a great time!!!!