Turn off all electricals on Saturday,
Nov 8th at 20:00 for 5 minutes!

Everyone is asked to think about what they can turn off, switch off and unplug as a form of war against Climate Change.
Our burning of Fossil Fuels, electricity generation, transport, manufacturing, industry and even space heating and air conditioning are the cause of the rising emissions of Carbon Dioxide that compromise our planet. The water supply, crops, habitat and livelihoods of millions worldwide are already affected and we are threatening to undermine the Global economy and create waves of climate refugees and the extinction of more animals and plants.

From December 3-14, politicians from across the world will meet in Bali, Indonesia, for a vital UN climate change conference. We need urgent action to fight the climate crisis, so this meeting is crucial. Here are 3 things you can do now to help.

Join the global day of action on Dec 8th

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