Shall I really buy a return ticket, too, when booking my flight to INDIA???
Finally it will become true: I’m flying to New Delhi in January!
I’m looking forward to seeing my all my friends there…

3 thoughts on “INDIA without return ticket?

  1. You’re very lucky! I love india. Tu es une grande voyageuse Dag. Reviens-nous quand même! Que ferions-nous sans toi? Combien de temps resteras-tu?


  2. You know.. I don’t know if I’d like to go.. A friend of mine just got back.. the poverty you see around is almost unbearable…

    I’ve got some friends but they have become pure British.. They say they wouldn’t be able to go back to live there.

    Bollywood is only the folkloristic side they sell to us.. Really fascinating… but a kind of “surreal ideal” of India.


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