Saturday’s Song: An Indian Movie in Vienna

A few days ago I got the following mail from my dear Indian Y!friend Raman:
“Today I saw a Malayalam Movie “Mazhavillu”, meaning the rainbow. Malayalam is our vernacular. The movie was shot mainly in Vienna and Hymberg.

And Hymberg is just as beautiful as the dreamland of a romantic girl.”

The video below shows a lot of scenes shot in Vienna – though the Riesenrad – the big wheel – is not the Viennese one;) The scenes in the mountains are situated far away from Vienna in the Alps – I love this combination of city and Alps because my hometown Klagenfurt in the south of Austria lays right there whereas Vienna is the town where I’ve been living since 1980.

Mazhavillu (1999) – The plot: Kunchako Boban and Preeti are in love and engaged to be married. Vineeth who is a close friend of Kunchako comes to visit them. He starts falling in love with Preeti , even though she does not reciprocate it , and turns really obsessive; which leads to tragedy for all three of them.
It’s an Malayalam movie, coming from the south of India and thus not a so-called “Bollywood” movie, but perhaps a Mollywood one?

The Song Saturday is hosted by Kirsten – thanks!

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