The Witch’s blog with her Helsinki Complaints Choir and a certain Dave – who called me French existentialist – reminded me of my past wild days when I was only wearing black (not to forget my black hat ;), growing crazy about translating Jacques Derrida – and singing loudly and quite drunk to great Italian arias with all those mad philosophers @ the “Santo” in Vienna until early morning hours…

One of our friends was the Finnish philosopher and musician M.A. Numminen and his pianist Pedro Hietanen. Though professionally I’m taken as specialized on French post-structuralism, I’ve always been a good Austrian patriot (in philosophical aspects) loving only Ludwig Wittgenstein at the bottom of my heart…

So as my contribution to Kirsten’s 360 Song Saturday

I’d like to share with you one of the songs of M.A. Numminen’s Tractatus’ Suite

namely Ludwig Wittgenstein’s most famous sentence in his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

“Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen.”

“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”

“Sur ce dont on ne peut parler, il faut garder le silence. “