Going to desert: dreams of estrangement


Somehow my dear and near though remote friends were already sensing:

My LENT – my virtual going to desert by fasting and meditating – will end up by a real desert trip….

Some are still there… some are back… others leaving….

My virtual and spiritual trip to the desert will become reality in three days – on Friday I’ve a flight to London and from there to Marrakesh on Saturday. One week in the Sahara, then a few days left in Morocco. I’ll be back in two weeks.

My dear friend, don’t be sad – I’ll come to you as soon as possible! Pursuing new dreams doesn’t mean to forget the “old” ones… I’m still dreaming of the Iranian landscape and its nice people… I’m still learning Hindi, I see myself in the noisy streets of New Delhi and riding on an elephant through the jungle… But for this time it will be a camel ride for I had the urgent need to go to a desert at the end of the fasting period. And last not least I had to do the voyage during our Easter holiday as I’ll take my kids with me…

Love and peace and hugs to you

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