All of a sudden there are moments
filled with love and joy twinkling at you
while walking through a desert of jealousy
and narrow-minded people
full of rancour – full of suspiciousness
against people not fitting the expected pattern….

But then you get a mail
of an old friend
full of warmth
full of kindness
and that makes you see
world in bright and sparkling colours
never ever forget your friends
no matter how remote they’re living
never mind how long you haven’t met!

Just read for yourself:

“Dear D.,
of course you can stay with us both times, if you need to.
We’d be delighted to have you and to see you and K.
I’m sure B. would love to meet R., as she’s also the same age.
We have a small place so it will be airbeds and sleeping bags.
We’d love to have you here and I have very fond memories of you.
Let me know which days you need to stay with us.
Both times would be nice! How exciting…
Kind regards, A.”

Thank you my friend!