A crowded desert

What is friendship?

Can you rely on other persons just because you feel emotionally attracted?

Or is it a long step by step process to gain one’s friendship?

Is friendship a first sight thing or a long taming process?

Can you lose a long year’s friendship in a rash moment?

Does friendship mean

feeling well together,

absolute trust in each other,

laughing together or

knowing each other as no-one else does?

What can you do to keep the friendship alive?

According to its individual value:

– categorising it into daily and monthly and every three months contacts

– professionally noted in a calendar to keep it warm

and not forgetting the birthdays?

So, what is a true friend?

The one you see regularly – say once a month –

or the other you haven’t seen for 25 years and when finally sitting together again,

you go on where you’ve stopped last time… as if no time had been elapsing…???

But take care!

If after those 25 years you see no time traces in his face,

and his eyes look at you in the same way

and he still takes naturally your hand

when crossing the road so

it’s not friendship – but LOVE

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