Mardi Gras

Faschingskrapfen – the traditional Austian Carnival sweet…

Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day

or Fat Tuesday, Terça-feira Gorda, Martedì Grasso, Martes de Carnaval

or in Austrian and Southern German respectively

Faschingdienstag, Fastnachtsdienstag, Fetter Dienstag

It’s the day before LENT – which begins the next day on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday (Easter).

So you should eat what you get as you have to starve yourself the next 40 days and live ascetically…


Karneval, Karnaval, carnaval, carnevale…

Austrian and Southern German respectively:

Fasching, Fastnacht, Fasnacht, Fasnet

Carnival derives from the Latin carne-levare = to take off the meat

whereas the German Fastnacht means the night (= evening) before Lent, die Nacht vor dem Fasten…

The Austrian Fasching starts with St. Martins Day on 11.11. at 11h11 – especially in the East of Austria “Martini” is a sort of Wine Thanksgiving Day and is celebrated by the new wine and the so called “Martiniganserl” – the meal of St. Martin’s goose – and is interrupted by the Advent until Dreikönige (Epiphania).

The Fasching or Karneval is celebrated on the one hand by lots of Balls – it’s the great Austrian Ball season and on the other hand by different kinds of masquarades….

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