English – an easy language?

“Well, there isn’t much left,
because that money has been being spent for months now.” was my

This was met with instant and
intense laughter. The kind of laughter reserved for those moments
when I say something so wrong, and therefore so cute, that she is
compelled to love me even more, and show it by laughing in my face.
Like the time when I tried ordering a Subway sandwich in German, and
asked for there to be police on the bread and a blanket on my cup (I
meant a stripe of mustard on the bread and a lid on the cup).

This time, though, I was speaking
English, a domain where I usually don’t lose my footing so easily.
Once she could breathe deeply enough to talk, I asked Kimko what on
Earth she was laughing at?

Choking on the words, she managed
to reply “has been … being ……. spent…”, and broke
off into more laughter.

thanks to ROB for his BLOG

I love the English language – it’s really great!

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